Van Londen contributes to conferentie Computer Privacy Data Protection 2021


27, 28 & 29 January 2021, panel discussie on 28 January about:

Student Privacy at Risk Under COVID-19: Online Test Proctoring Brings AI and Surveillance Into Students’ Homes

The use of online test proctoring has grown dramatically in the past year as educational institutions have adopted remote learning tools in response to COVID-19. This shift has forced many students to effectively trade away their privacy rights in order to meet their academic obligations.

Increasingly, students must submit to invasive surveillance of their intimate spaces; compulsory collection of biometric and other sensitive personal data; and opaque AI analysis of their movements, facial expressions, and keystrokes—all in the name of detecting signs of cheating.

Yet the fairness and reliability of these systems has been called into doubt, and there is evidence that automated proctoring systems struggle to recognize faces of color and disproportionately flag students with disabilities. Against this backdrop, this panel will explore the legal, ethical, and educational implications of online test proctoring.