Critical notes on ‘platformised’ education


In European Law Blog  about the widespread use of online technologies across European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is shaking the foundations of our education system. Van Londen comments about recent case law in NL and DPA decisions in Norway and Denmark.

Comment Sofie van Londen:

Great read. The date for the decision in appeal in the UVA case is now set for 30 March. In the meantime the Norwegian DPA came down on an algorithm used by the IB grading system being biased and the Danish DPA allowed University of Copenhagen use of ProctorExam in so far as only used for live monitoring deciding that the university had considered each course exam to be subjected to this method, informed students appropriately and taken sufficient security measures and that live proctoring was the least invasive in the then circumstances April/start of pandemic). This last element is interestingly opposed to the view of the summary decision in Amsterdam, in which Proctorio’s computerized review was deemed less intrusive than live review. Missing 2 step authorization was a point of the Danish DPA’s concern. Again, this was not seen as an issue in the UVA case. In a recent development, in NL 2step authorization in edutech was addressed in the context of google’s offering as an important security measure to be added.